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Day 2: Rest day

We weren't expecting to do much of anything on Tuesday except for picking up passes, and that didn't even work out properly... We didn't get up until the afternoon. Hotel guests get complimentary issues of USA Today, and featured on the front page was the Nintendo Revolution. Now this was exciting, so we went downstairs to check out all of Nintendo's E3 announcements. It turned out there were a lot, so we spent a couple hours posting on TMK.

We walked over to Target to get some food to try to save money from eating out. Also I had forgotten my toothbrush/toothpaste and my comb so I bought those as well... I got some mint gel toothpaste filled with confetti made of breath strips. (?!) Unfortunately, we didn't have a fridge in the room, so we used the air conditioner top temporarily and got a bag filled with ice later. Of course, it had leaked everywhere by morning. Later, the plan was to pick up our E3 passes and then go to Farmer's Market for food. We rode with Matthew's parents again, to downtown LA.

We got to the convention center after 4 and it was basically as it was 2 years ago. The large Atari logo was even still on the top of South Hall, though it was Matrix-ified this time. We arrived during one of the scheduled times and I called Serenity to pick up our IGN credentials. As the old saying goes, you can't spell ignorant without IGN. First, the room number in the info e-mail was wrong; luckily they were in the same room as Gamespy was 2 years ago. Then nobody was there, though we were actually allowed past the security guard, something that we were never able to do 2 years ago when we had similar trouble. I called Serenity and she said that they weren't scheduled for that time, but the e-mail clearly stated the time, so she told us she'd meet us in 20 minutes. After not showing up, I called again and was told that it was too close to closing and we wouldn't have time and to come back in the morning ... what a pain that would end up being.

Afterwards, we went to the Farmer's Market, but it didn't seem to be the same one as we visited 2 years ago. They scope of food and produce was impressive nonetheless. We had mediterranean food. While we were at Farmer's Market, Errol (Watoad), the source of our semi-free room arrived. We rode through large parts of the greater LA area, thanks to Matthew's parents.... navigational skills. Eventually, we got back to the hotel and met Errol.

David Dayton joined us in the evening with his set of "credentials." The plastic blocking the coax TV connections remained through the night, but there was plenty of DS gaming.

Most of us didn't end up going to bed until somewhere around 4 in the morning thanks to general socalizing and some ridiculous a capella Mario songs by some of the TMK staff (they'll likely be posted later). Drew nearly killed them.

Day 1 pictures (More Friends concert) (WARNING: unedited pics are over 1MB each)
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