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K & K's wedding

I'm not going to write a lot about the wedding because I think it was covered well here. So, read that. The few random things I can add:
  • Florida is hot. It was 90F when we were there.
  • People from Florida are nice... on our 2 mile hike, almost everyone in their cars waiting to exit parking lots actually backed up to let us cross on the sidewalk.
  • It was good to see all the Hillcrest and other Tech people again... that will probably be the last time for a while (or ever?) since we've all graduated and I'm moving to California...
  • It was especially good to see Stefanie ^_^
  • Rick is the model usher
  • The minister symbolized the couple as two ropes tied together... then she added a third rope, which had us going for a minute, until she explained that it represented Jesus, so it was all good.
  • I'm really happy for Kevin and Kathryn, but it's a little weird thinking that they're married now... more on that in another post.
  • I question the security on the air force base... first they only checked the drivers' IDs, then they locked the gate we had originally come in.
  • Dancing was fun... I've only done that once since high school...
  • Buckeye balls taste better than buckyballs.
  • I'm glad I made it back home... after practically no sleep the last night, I was dozing at 80MPH (my flight was out of Greensboro, so there was a 2 hour drive back to Blacksburg).
Oh yeah, and here are the pictures I took. Unfortunately, the actual wedding ones came out blurry. There should be other pictures coming from some of the other people that were there, but I'm not sure when they'll be available.

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