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Day 6: Epilogue

Not much happened on our last day in LA. We got up (too) early and took a cab (thereby taking nearly every mode of transportation except boat) to LAX. The flight back was uneventful except for the fact that there were a ton of small children on board who all started with ear-piercing screaming upon descent into Charlotte, likely due to the pressure build up in their ears. On the drive back, we stopped at a Chester's Chicken, which had a very odd food item: fried corn-on-the-cob!

The End.


It turns out that Drew forgot his DS flip-flops in Burbank. We hope they find their way to a good homeless person.

It was really cool to hang out with the guys from TMK... it was neat that we all got along as if we had known each other in real life despite having only talked with each other online (well a few random videos helped I'm sure). Everybody really seemed to fit their online personality and hanging out just seemed natural. I'm sorry all those others that were invited couldn't go... be ready for next year!

  • David: You weren't as bad as we thought ;-) thanks for driving us
  • Errol: Thanks for the room and your presence; sorry you couldn't make it for More Friends
  • Dennis: Thanks for driving us, too, and the TV
  • Matt McC.: Thank your parents for driving and thanks for representing TMK
  • Matt W.: You've got 31337 DDR skillz
  • Benjamin: Word.

Hopefully soon, I will better compile all of the pictures and video I took, as well as combine it with the other guys' media. When I get the chance, I'm also going to make some additions to the daily entries as I remember certain details of our trip, so you might want to go back and reread them (not now though, I have another trip I'm off to early in the morning-- Tampa, here I come!).


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